Erikka Simpson, the Creative Cultivator,  a native of the Eastside of Detroit, professionally known as Erikka Yvonne, is an ever-evolving entrepreneur and community change-maker. She is the founder of Strut In Her Shoes, an organization focusing and sharing women’s overcoming stories, such as illnesses, hardships, and personal doubts; co-founder of MISSion.31, a 501(c)3 mentoring organization for young ladies in grades 6-12; and wearer of many other hats. 


After graduating from Grand Valley State University in 2013, Erikka Yvonne reached a season of unhappiness. She sought after God and he revealed the lack of her authenticity and not being her true self. Once this was revealed and God began exposing those layers, she had to do the work and embrace herself flaws and all, which has elevated her to where she is now. She believes helping women and young girls, in and out of the creative aspect, is one of her most rewarding pursuits. Paying it forward, she found out her niches are mentoring and inspiring as many people as she can. 


After closing her Creative Agency, following 4 years in business - Erikka has stepped into a new dimension of the creative world, Digital Content Producing. 





  1. My favorite color is pink! 

  2. My favorite rap song of all the is Itty Bitty Piggy, I still love underground Nicki 

  3. My Mantra is live to inspire, inspire to live. 

  4. I  quit my job in March of 2015 and became a full-time entrepreneur! 

  5. My days are spent binging shows on Netflix, with sweats on, a messy bun with my laptop in my lap. 

  6. Paid in Full is one of my favorite movies! 

  7. I  started an agency in 2015, and worked with over 25 national brands. 

  8. I  am the perfect mixture of Cardi B, Gabrielle Union, and Sarah Jakes Roberts. 

  9. I  am a Self-Taught Graphic Designer. 

  10. Me and Jesus are best friends!